Getting the Garden Started

My days are as jammed packed as ever and I didn’t manage to get seeds started this years… So I packed up my daughter and headed to our favorite local nursery Flower World to snag up some starts 🙂

I just have two garden boxes in the yard for veggies right now… I’m waiting for my garden shed to get built before I make my garden bigger… It’s on the Honey Do List 😉  I also work with pots for some herbs and have blueberries and rhubarb mixed in with my flower garden… I keep telling myself that’s temporary!

Well Aubree and I came home with some corn, tomatoes, onions, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, baby pumpkins and strawberries… I can never seem to grow enough strawberries!!!  Took us all afternoon but we got it all planted!!

We love eating from our garden even if its small… Do you have a favorite veggie or fruit to grow on you own??



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