Have you done this before???

I know its late… but I can’t stop thinking about what I did today… and just had to share!

I was making a couple loaves of my Amish White Bread this afternoon and tossed it in the oven for its rising time like I usually do… Went and started some laundry, did the dishes and started putting dinner together (which I’ll be posting tomorrow… it was a yummy one!) … While I was cutting the potatoes I figured it was probably time to turn on the oven … I do so and continue on… By then the kids were walking through the door from school, homework gets pulled out, snack requests start… I get them all set up and finish putting the first part of dinner together!  Still thinking nothing about my bread I go to put dinner in the oven… Oh Shoot I think and go and grab the bowl… yes with out pot holders!!!  Not only did I burn my fingers but the dough had no hope to ever make it to bread  🙁

I have to say that is a 1st for me!  I know I had a lot going on today and was definitely maxing out my multi-tasking … But I usually remember if I tossed something in the oven!

Well thought I’d share with all of you… Oh the silly things we do!

How about you??  Have any good stories for me??

Please share with a comment below!!

Poor dough!
Poor dough!

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