Grilled Ham N Cheese

We love our Amish White Bread so much… and it makes yummy sandwiches!  I whipped these up for lunch the other day… theres nothing too it I know… but I thought I’d share 😀

If you haven’t tried my Amish White Bread recipe yet you’re missing out!  I used to be scared or maybe intimidated to make homemade bread… but you can’t really go wrong with this recipe.  If you feel you might not have the time to do it let me know… I’d be more than happy to make you a loaf myself!  Just contact me on my Facebook page via a private message and I’ll see when I can fit it in my schedule!  I’d be asking for $5 a loaf if your interested 🙂

Here’s my Grilled Ham N Cheese…

Grilled Ham N Cheese 006

What you’ll need:

slices of Amish White Bread

sliced medium cheddar cheese

sliced deli ham



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