Busy Busy…

I don’t know about you guys … But its like Spring came and my schedule all the sudden became jam packed!!  Between work, kids, yard work and daily housework… I’m struggling to get it all done!!  Just wanted to let you know I’m working on some new recipes to share… Its just finding the time to post it to the Blog!

Tonight for dinner I’m making stuffed apple & cheese pork chops 🙂 … new to my family… pork chops are a little rare around here… but I found some on sale the other day that I couldn’t resist!  I’m always keeping my eye out for a good buy… especially when I can match it with one of my many coupons I keep on hand!!

I had another exciting thing happen for Scratch This with Sandy… I was asked by Cherry Valley Macaroni Kid to be a monthly contributor to their newsletter!  This will be starting next month… Check them out via their Website or on their Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE them!!!


Thank you to everyone for your support and great feedback!!

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