New Puppy… What should we name her?

I know I already have a lot on my plate… 4 kids, real estate, Mother, Wife and Blogger… But we decided to get a dog!  The kids are getting older and can help out on the daily duties it takes to care for a doggy… Although after the first night and maybe a total of 3 hours sleep I wish they could handle the night shift too!  I guess that won’t last long… but its a lot like having a newborn in the house again!

Anyways… The boys came home from school yesterday to say that there are some girls on the bus that are moving and have to get rid of their puppies, so we went to check it out.  There was two boys and this little girl… that we instantly fell in love with!  We left there with out bringing her home… and returned about 20 minutes later to rescue her!  Part of me wishes I could rescue all 3… But I know that’s just CRAZY!

She’s a Chihuahua/Terrier mix and the vet thinks she’s about 5-6 weeks old weighing in at 1 lb 11 oz.  We have yet to come up with a name for her… So I thought I’d toss it out there and see if you guys had some feedback for me…  🙂

Here is some pictures of the last 24 hours…

new puppy



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