Failed Scones

I’m meeting with my Seller this morning… Its closing/moving day for her today (for all you that don’t know… my “Real” job is a Real Estate Broker)  Well I had some strawberries in the fridge saying “Use me… I need to be eaten!”  So I figured I’d make up some Strawberry Scones to brighten her day… I know all too well how stressful Selling and Moving can be!  

Don’t ask me why but I thought it would be fun to try a new recipe… I should of just pulled out my “good ole notebook” the one I have to skim through to find recipes… the one that has no order… the one that when I find a recipe I LOVE it gets written down in there… right away!  Well I knew something was going wrong when I started adding the cream to the mix … I added half… mixed… I said to myself “this looks good right here… Do I really need to add the rest?”  I added the rest and now it was definitely not a scone dough!  “Oh why did I have to follow the directions??? Why didn’t I just follow my gut??

Well I can’t just waist the dough I have to move forward… I added some additional flour and worked with my very messy dough… I was able to get them cut up and tossed in the oven!  They actually turned out looking like a decent scone… But tasted more like a muffin dropped on a pan than a yummy chunky scone I was looking for!  Needless to say… I should of stuck to my “notebook” of recipes instead of trying a new one!  Don’t get me wrong… I love trying new recipes… but when I’m making them as a gift to hand out… I need to stick to my NOTEBOOK!!!  (lesson noted)

The Failed Scone
The Failed Scone

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