What do you think??? Dog or No Dog???

We have been thinking about getting a dog around the house… We haven’t had one for 9 years now!!  We definitely want to get a “smaller” dog… I don’t need to be ‘walking in’ or ‘picking up’ major land mines in the yard!  The boys have been begging for years… and little Aubree just follows them around for hours!  So what do you think???  Am I CRAZY to even be thinking about it???  Or is it time to spread the LOVE???

4 responses to “What do you think??? Dog or No Dog???”

  1. there will be lil’ mines!! you do have the love and they are good buds!!! But you are a busy girl running here and there….just have to fit it in and train

  2. Sometimes mutts make the best pets. My son and daughter in law got a little white mutt at the pound in Bellingham and he’s the best dog ever. We wish we could clone him! They said the key is to flip the puppy on his back and if he just lays there and is calm, he’ll be mellow. It sure worked with “Bodie”. He’s great with kids, hardly ever barks and has the personality of a lab, in a very little body. Take your time and you’ll find the perfect dog for your family. Good luck!

  3. (couldn’t edit my post…) ~… and whenever you have a small or big yard, i would create a seperate area where pup does his/her thing like i’ve train mine to do when she was a puppy & since, I now have a little one of my own. It helped. ~

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