This is a great tip if your like me and you make all your own breads or even want to start making some of your own!  A little jar of yeast will run you $7 plus dollars at the grocery store ( You can maybe make 4 loaves out of it)… Buy it 2 pounds at a time and its about $4 depending on where you get it!  They also sell 1 pound bags… Try Costco, Cash n Carry or even!!  This is one of the ways I keep our costs down… and it last months in the fridge… When I first started doing this I used to mark the date on the bag… I had one bag for over 6 months and it was still good!  Over 6 months with a 2 pound bag of yeast that cost me less than $4 at the time… Can you see where I’m saving my money yet???  How much did that one bag of bread cost ya at the grocery store??? 

Store it in a Ziploc in the Fridge once you've opened it!
Store it in a Ziploc in the Fridge once you’ve opened it!

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